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Want to ensure YOUR script is a page-turner, right from page 1? Then Screenwriting Essentials Volume 2 is for you!

This course puts screenwriting under the microscope that will take your script from 'good' to GREAT!

Not for the Faint-hearted

You WILL uncover problems in your storytelling! But if you can ‘handle the truth’, then let’s get cracking. 

Is This You ...? 

  • You want to write stories that are rich in subtext and showcase your writer's voice
  • You've had plenty of read requests but never seem to advance further
  • You have had great feedback for your pitches, but you've received feedback your execution needs work
  • You've won or placed highly in screenwriting contests, but never seem to match this success in the industry
  • You've taken Screenwriting Essentials Vol 1 and are now ready to take your screenwriting skills to the next level (NOTE: You don't **have** to take Vol1 first, but it will help).
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Course Curriculum

  • Module # 1: All About Visual Storytelling. Screenwriting is a visual medium, yet too many spec scripts are not visual enough. Find out why and how to make your visuals sing.
  • Module # 2: What is 'Good' Characterisation? Putting characterisation under the microscope to deliver unforgettable protagonists, antagonists & secondaries.
  • Module # 3: Next Level Dialogue. Learn the art of subtext, foreshadowing, repetition and more.
  • Module # 4: Plot Device 101. Plot Devices get a bad rap because spec screenwriters use them badly ... so find out how it SHOULD be done!
  • Module # 5: All About Non Linearity. Non Linearity is a favourite of TV and movie audiences alike - find out why and how to use it.
  • Module # 6: Scenes Vs. Story. Great plots are the sum of all their parts - so discover how scenes work versus your story as a whole.
  • Module # 7: What Makes A Great Scene? In this module, put the antatomy of a scene under the microscope to understand great storytelling.
  • Module # 8: All About Thematics. Writer's Voice, storyworld, theme or message - how do these fit in? Find out in this last module.

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More B2W Bonuses!

Bonus # 1 - Your Writer's Voice. A PDF eGuide and worksheet that will help you identify and 'own' your writer's voice so you can stand out when making submissions (VALUE: $47)

Bonus # 2 - Additional video training on writing for television and why serial stories matter so much in 2022 and beyond (VALUE: $97). 

Bonus # 3 - Entry into the secret B2W Facebook group where you can find like-minded Bang2writers for peer review and collaboration. (A writing community is PRICELESS!).