Create an effective submissions strategy so you can finally grab that elusive writing deal, literary agent, or screenplay option.

Welcome Submissions Secrets!

Think of your writing goal. Is it ...

Finally landing a literary agent?

Grabbing an option on your screenplay?

Getting a publishing deal?

Placing high in writing contests?

Creating powerful new contacts and relationships?

... Something else???

Submissions Need A Strategy

Is this you, too? Over the years my 'Bang2writers' have told me they just don't know how to approach submissions ...

  • Why do so many sites say 'no unsolicited material'?
  • How do writers get agents?
  • How do writers find leads and other writing opportunities?
  • When is a rejection a rejection if we never hear anything?
  • How do writers create powerful contacts and relationships?
  • What happens if we don't know anyone in the industry?
  • What is a 'good' rejection rate?
  • How do writers stop feeling 'locked out' of the industry???

... and much more!

So, if you are not sure where to start, or worry about sending the wrong stuff, or you are perhaps accustomed to rejection on your submissions (or worse, the dreaded 'radio silence'), then THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU!

During Submissions Secrets you will develop your own 'roadmap' that will form the foundation of your submissions strategy.

You will also discover how to evaluate that strategy and tweak your approaches accordingly, to be in with your best shot of getting the result you want.

This is an on-demand course, so enrol and you can have IMMEDIATE ACCESS today.

Included on the course:

Module 1) Submissions DOs & DONT's

Everything you need in this epic crash course intro to the submissions process.

Module 2) What Should Be In Your Submission Package

Too often writers send the wrong stuff to the right people and vice versa. Never fall down this rabbit hole again!

Module 3) How To Get Results

How do you get results ... plus how do you even know if you're doing it well? This module puts evaluating your goals and strategies under the microscope.

Module 4) 'No Unsolicited Material - Now What??'

Writers are often frustrated by this missive on industry pros' websites. This module will reveal what to do about this, plus how to find leads and create relationships.

Module 5) Submissions Checklist

Never waste your time or anyone else's again by ensuring you ALWAYS send the right stuff, to the right people.

How The Course Works

Each session focuses on an important part of the submissions process, which Lucy will demystify for you via video tutorials, worksheets, templates, eGuides, visuals and infographics.

At the end of the course you will have a submissions strategy based on your own individual goal AND the tools to put it into practice!

This is an on-demand course, so enrol and you can have IMMEDIATE ACCESS today. Don't feel your way in the dark ... let B2W shine a light on the submissions process for you. Let's go!

Video Tutorials

Each video tutorial breaks down and demystifies the submissions process. If you have found submissions a complete minefield, don't know where to start, or have received nothing but rejections or the dreaded 'radio silence', then this is the course for you!

Treasure Trove of Resources

Submissions Secrets boasts eGuides & accompanying hours of video tutorials (approx), 2 visual guides, 1 swipe file, 2 templates and 9 printables including checklists, planners and samples.

Work With Friends, Or At Your Own Pace

You can work online with friends and chat via the forum each day here on Teachable, or in the B2W Teachable Tribe group on Facebook. Alternatively you can work through the course at your own pace on your own using the video tutorials, or revisit them later. It's up to you!

Save YEARS off your submissions process!

I spent years and years making all the submissions mistakes and gathering all the inside info, so you don't have to. What's more, I am constantly tweaking this knowledge and calling up my contacts so you can be sure it's up-to-date and on point. Can you afford to miss out?

Fantastic Bonuses!!!

If you enrol on Submissions Secrets, you won't just get the course ... Some fantastic bonuses are available too! Don't miss out!

How To Deal With Rejection

When making submissions, rejection is inevitable! Learn how to develop a thicker skin and stay optimistic with this video training and eGuide (worth $97).

Available to all enrolled Submissions Secrets students.

B2W Facebook Group

Every B2W student is invited to the dedicated Facebook group. You can challenge one another to do modules together; share your submissions journey; ask for feedback on your logline, CV or cover letter; find peer reviewers or beta readers to swap submissions packages with; or ask for moral support when rejections come in. You can also tag Lucy V Hay with questions. Finding your community is PRICELESS!

Available to all Submissions Secrets students.

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