Is this you ...?

You've managed to write a whole screenplay or novel, but you're still struggling with the logline!

It doesn't seem to matter what you do ... you keep falling afoul of all the typical logline mistakes, such as describing 'around' the story, using clichéd language, or phrasing it in such a way that people think it's the wrong genre, tone or style.

Or maybe ...?

Or maybe you've not managed to write the script or book yet because you're just not sure if your story 'has legs' (as we say in the industry).

You have limited time and you worry about wasting hundreds of hours on a draft that's unclear, all over the place or just plain SUCKS.

B2W Logline Surgery is FOR YOU!

Whether you're petrified of pitching, or dreading drafting, B2W's Logline Surgery will help you identify the key elements of your story so you can rest assured you're on the right track.

Whilst it's true there's lots of logline and concept training for writers out there now - B2W has several courses on this too! - NOTHING beats real-life feedback from a bona fide industry pro.

I've been in the screenwriting & script editing biz for 20 years, plus I've been a novelist for 6.

This means I have unique insights on how stories work on a craft level AND in the marketplace, not just in screenwriting but publishing too.

So whether you want to get your logline 'pitch ready' or whether you want me to help hone your idea at concept level into a powerful 'baseline' for your draft, B2W can help!

What You Get :

  • 1 x Hour personal Zoom with B2W that you can revisit later as many times as you like. I will put your logline under the microscope and help you stress-test it, identifying any weak spots or opportunities to make it even better. Whether you're looking to make logline 'pitch ready' or interrogate your concept, this is an UNMISSABLE opportunity to get dedicated feedback on your idea (value $147).
  • The B2W logline cheat sheet. We will be working from this sheet, so you can rest assured there's a structure to our session. B2W never relies on 'just' opinion, but ideas backed up by craft and industry knowledge! ($27 value)
  • 'Greatest Hits' from B2W all about loglines. This handy linkage list means you have useful info about loglines and pitches at your fingertips and for consolidation, too (value $47).
  • Entry to the B2W Secret Facebook group. As with any B2W course or training, all students receive an invite to the B2W Secret Facebook group. There you can chat with your peers, share work or ask advice - either in the group itself or its VERY engaged new chat threads on FB messenger. (PRICELESS!)
So much EXTRA value to the training!!

Personalised Help For Your Pitch Or Idea

There's lots of great advice online about pitching, selling your work or honing your craft. But it's difficult to find industry pros who will give you their dedicated time and attention to make your pitch or idea BETTER. Bang2write's Lucy V has read literally thousands of loglines in the past two decades, plus she is a master pitcher herself. Whether you want to get 'pitch ready' or road test your concept, Lucy can help.

Not 'selling out', SELLING ... it's what pro writers DO!

As an author AND screenwriter as well script editor, Lucy has a unique set of skills. She's seen first hand what sells in both Film, TV AND novels, making her well-placed to help you with the pitch or baseline for your screenplay or novel.

If you are looking for someone who has a HUGE breadth of knowledge from working in multiple industries for two decades, you've come to the right place.

Encyclopaedic knowledge of novels, TV & film

Books, movies, and TV are Lucy's special interest's fair to say she is OBSESSED with them! She's also got eclectic taste, ranging across the genres, genders and age ranges, from the fancy-schmancy dramas and literature through to hardcore horror and Frat pack comedies.
Benefit from Lucy's encyclopaedic knowledge of books, movies and television to help you find comparables for your pitch, or inspiration for your draft.

Grab your spot in this value-laden masterclass!

Grab the tips, tricks & hacks you need to ensure you get your draft edited ASAP and super-power your writing going forwards.

This training is on-demand, meaning you can take it whenever you like, with lifetime access.

Don't miss out!