Are you being driven crazy by your characters? Or maybe you're struggling with structure? Or perhaps it's your concept that's creating the problem? Whatever your issue is, this free mini course from Bang2write can provide the powerful reset you need.

Hi, I’m Lucy V Hay aka Bang2write. I'm a script editor for movies and short film, plus I'm also a novelist.

I've been a script reader and script editor for nearly twenty years. I have read literally thousands of spec screenplays and unpublished novels. I've assessed all kinds of stories in all kinds of genres for literary agents, investors, producers, directors and writers themselves.

Then someone asked me, 'What does writing craft mean to YOU?'

I thought this was a great question ... We all know if we like a piece of writing, but how can we really tell if a story is 'good' or not? Just what does it mean, when a screenplay or novel is 'well-crafted'?

I sat down and worked out the integral ingredients of a great story and was surprised to discover there are just THREE! I called these 'The B2W Holy Trinity' - Concept, Characters & Structure.

During this free on-demand course, I will break down those three non-negotiable elements of writing craft. Discover how these three integral ingredients of story work and take your own writing from 'good' to 'great'! Enrol FREE now.

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  What Is Writing Craft? The B2W 'Holy Trinity' Of Good Writing
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