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B2W Academy is so much more than 'just' a course ... It's community and learning via accountability Zoom check-ins, goal-setting and evaluation; live script edits; first line surgeries; pitching peer review; plus panels and Q&As with industry pros.

Not to mention ALL B2W's new Teachable courses, masterclasses and Q&As going forwards inn 2024 and beyond. (There's already a large content library in there of new material!!).

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Want to know more? Then scroll on down for details, or feel to drop me message via Teachable, social media or send me an email.

Introducing B2W Academy

This revolutionary new offering from Bang2write will surely change the game for writers everywhere.

Imagine having access to a vast library of content designed to hone your writing skills, just like having Netflix at your fingertips!

B2W Academy provides an extensive collection of courses, workshops, and masterclasses, not to mention panels, talks and Q&As with renowned industry pros.

Whether you're looking to perfect your screenplay or novel writing, sharpen your storytelling techniques, or dive into the intricacies of character development, B2W Academy has got you covered.

With its user-friendly interface, personalised recommendations, and a plethora of resources, B2W Academy is set to become every writer's ultimate go-to platform for education, inspiration, and creative growth.

Join the B2W Academy community today and unlock your true writing potential.

Founder Members Wanted!

B2W Academy is looking for founder members. If you are a screenwriter or author who wants to take YOUR writing craft and career skills to the next level, this offer is for you!

For a limited time, B2W Academy is offering founder members a one-off opportunity.

By joining NOW at the ground floor, founder members can secure lifetime access to this incredible platform at a special low price, ensuring continuous growth and learning in their writing journey.

Not 'Just' A Course!

B2W Academy is NOT just a one-off training or course like my previous offerings on Teachable.

Founder members also get lifetime access to ALL my new Teachable content going forwards. Everything I create in 2024 and beyond will go into the academy and will be the ONLY place it's available.

There's approximately 25 hours of content in there already, including:

An all-new, in-depth course on writing thriller screenplays; a masterclass on writing script reports; a mini-course on planning, writing & editing your novel; a masterclass on writing female characters, plus loads more trainings including how to research, writer branding 101 and MUCH more. I will be adding more to the content library soon!

We will ALSO be doing regular live events in there too, such as accountability check-ins, goal-setting & evaluation, live script edits, first line surgeries, Q&As and panels with industry pros, etc.

THIS WILL BE CHEAPEST B2W ACADEMY WILL EVER BE: Get in at the ground floor for lifetime access and to save two-thirds off the regular price, reassured in the knowledge there will be no hidden charges or sudden sales discounts in the future.

Masterclasses & Trainings

Every B2W Academy members gets access to EVERYTHING Lucy creates on Teachable. These included pre-recorded masterclasses or trainings & a PLETHORA of resources such as checklists, worksheets, cheat sheets to help you with your writing craft and career.

Live Q&As & Events

Every B2W Academy member benefits from live Q&As with Lucy and other industry pros. There will also be opportunities for Bang2writers to share their work with Lucy for her infamous 'Live Script Edit' and other events. If you've got the guts to show your writing in public, that is!

Accountability & Community

With quarterly check-ins, goal-setting get-togethers, a dedicated WhatsApp group and other accountability and community relations, Bang2writers will have the rocket fuel they need and the moral support they crave to achieve their writing dreams. Never feel alone again!