About Logline Hacks

Logline Hacks is a comprehensive, step-by-step mini course to creating your own logline or short pitch for your spec screenplay or unpublished novel, avoiding the common mistakes and pitfalls. Using tried and tested methods - or 'logline hacks' - this mini course is designed to change how you view loglines and enable you to get to the heart of your story.

About This Free Training

Lots of Bang2writers wrote to me, saying they would love to see the Logline Hacks in action ... So I recorded a Logline surgery video on Zoom recently with intrepid Banger Drew, who very bravely let me put his logline under the microscope.

Using just two of the Logline Hacks, we identified the key components of his story and rewrote it, clarifying the concept and making it a MUCH smoother and clearer pitch.

What's Included In The Free Training

  • A 40 minute video where I work with Drew on his logline, using two of the logline hacks
  • An eGuide where I break the process down, identify the issues with the original and how we rewrote it.
  • A transcript of the video
  • Audio only of the video
  • Worksheets for the two logline hacks we use (PDF)

Hope you find it useful - and please, pass it on to your writer friends and followers!

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