This on-demand course is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to creating your own logline or short pitch for your spec screenplay or unpublished novel, avoiding the common mistakes and pitfalls. Using tried and tested methods - or 'logline hacks' - this course will change how you view loglines and enable you to get to the heart of your story.

The course contains:

·      20 logline hacks to make your writing life easier 

·      5 eGuides with more in-depth info 

·      4 video tutorials for that bona fide B2W classroom experience

·      2 quizzes to consolidate learning 

·      11 worksheets, printables & checklists, including a ‘swipe file’ to copy and paste all those handy logline hacks! 


A Great Logline Is A MUST

Whether you are a novelist or a screenwriter, you will need a logline (aka 'short pitch') for your spec screenplay or unpublished novel. A logline can be a key element in ...

... The Submissions Process

... Querying

... Writing contests / schemes

... Funding bids & other applications

... Pitchfests

... Meetings with agents, publishers & producers

... Networking events with your peers ('What are you working on?')

and much more. A compelling logline can literally make all the difference in getting your drafts requested, read and achieving your writing goals!

BUT Most Loglines Are Not Great

There are too many drafts out there that are let down by their loglines. Loglines go bad when they are too long, samey, vague, clichéd, or otherwise 'miss' something crucial.

So ... What if I told you there's a way to write compelling loglines every time?

That's right -- LOGLINE HACKS!

I'm Lucy V Hay from As both a script reader and script editor, I have read literally thousands of loglines and created just as many on script coverage myself ... I've also worked with loads of writers on their loglines and pitches for submissions, funding bids and queries.

As a writer myself, I've had to write a stack of loglines for my own writing too ... and sold it with them!

Over the years I discovered there are proven methods - 'logline hacks' that can make life easier for writers and ensure they write compelling loglines every time ... whether they are writing novels or screenplays. There's also hacks for different types of story - genre, drama or literary.

This on-demand course will help change your mindset on loglines. Sign up today

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Video & PDF Guides

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Printable Worksheets

This mini course includes printable worksheets for you to complete, both PDF and .doc.