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Hi, I’m Lucy V Hay. I'm a script editor, author & blogger who helps writers. I've worked with thousands of screenwriters and novelists just like you!

My site www.bang2write.com has appeared on The Writer's Digest, plus The Write Life's 'Top 100 Sites for Writers' five years in a row, as well as being picked as a UK Blog Awards Finalist and Feedspot's #1 Screenwriting blog in the UK (tenth in the world!). I've been the script editor and advisor on numerous UK features and shorts, plus I've been a script reader for over 15 years, providing coverage for indie prodcos, investors, screen agencies, producers, directors and individual writers. I'm also a novelist, writing crime fiction and dystopian novels. Join B2W on Teachable for quality, affordable writing courses.

The Foundations of Writing Craft

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Are you being driven crazy by your characters? Or maybe you're struggling with structure? Or perhaps it's your concept that's creating the problem? Whatever your issue is, this free on-demand course from Bang2write can demystify the process for you and help you road test your writing.

Designed for both novelists and screenwriters, this could be the powerful reset or intro you need.

Logline Hacks

This on-demand course is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to creating your own logline or short pitch for your spec screenplay or unpublished novel, avoiding the common mistakes and pitfalls. Using tried and tested methods - or 'logline hacks' - this course will change how you view loglines and enable you to get to the heart of your story. ENROL NOW. 

Testimonials for B2W Courses

I lovelovelove to work with writers and help them achieve their goals ... but don't take my word for it, take theirs!

'Really informative, packed with great resources & a v effective boot up the bum!' - Tim Guest

"So useful, even if you have been writing for a while. B2W rocks!" - Pinar Tahan

'Brilliant course with an abundance of resources.' - Jane Rayner

'An essential course for new and established writers. A useful piece of kit that I wish I'd had it in my toolbox when I first started writing. Highly recommended.' - Emma Pullar

'This course covers in a short period of time what you need to know to take your writing skills to the next level.' - Vered Neta

'Great handouts and fab resources!' - Lottie McKnight

'Now I am locked and loaded.' - Marcus Howell

'Brilliant. Lucy gives away so much information in the videos and the guides beneath really help to visualise the learning points.' - Demy Watts 

Don't forget to grab your FREE course, 'The Foundations of Writing Craft' for a taster of what B2W has offer! GET IT HERE.

Got A Writing Question You Need Answered?

No problem! I receive lots of questions regularly from novelists and screenwriters, so I compiled THIS MASSIVE LIST OF FAQs with further links to help you.

So, whether you're looking for help with craft or careers, recommendations for books or services, advice on networking or looking for leads/opportunities, help negotiating common legal matters like copyright, a boost for self belief or something else, BOOKMARK TODAY.

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